Our purpose is to illuminate the epic and important stories of Christendom in an engaging way, in order that we may inspire a return to a society in which the Church is at the forefront. We want to utilize new media mechanisms in these endeavors, ensuring easy and inexpensive access by our customers.


Welcome to Exploring Christendom. All around us we watch as our culture dies, as Christ is systematically removed from our public lives. To hold to the ancient beliefs of the Church is considered bigotry in the modern Western world. Everyday more young Christians are swept away in a sea of Materialism and Secularism, so what is our solution?

We have to engage ourselves in the stories and culture of our past. We must be steeped in the history of our Christian ancestors. The faithful must return to the principles of Christendom or our civilization will fail!

Exploring Christendom aims to help in this essential endeavor. We hope those who watch our videos, read our blogs, and listen to our podcasts will be more able to defend their faith in Christ.

If we want a return to sanity in our culture we must rely on Christ’s teachings which once built the greatest civilization in man’s history. We would love for you to join us! Go with God!