El Cid: A Spanish Knight for the Ages

In the mid-1000s the Christian kingdoms of Spain were in trouble, a trouble stemming from the seemingly perpetual problem of dynastic succession. In a world filled with democratically elected republics it is easy for us in the modern age to underestimate the sincere fear that accompanies the aging of a strong leader, however, for our Middle Ages ancestors the situation was only too familiar. Continue reading “El Cid: A Spanish Knight for the Ages”

The Dawn of Reconquest (Spain’s finest Hours): Covadonga

Yesterday, we discussed the invasion of the Saracen (Middle Ages word for Muslim army) into Southern Italy. Their armies had conquered all of the Christian lands from the Holy Land to Northwest Africa, and in 711 they advanced across the straits of Gibraltar invading southern Spain. Now, these specific Muslim armies are known to history as the Moors, confusing I know. Nevertheless, the differences in race and creed between these two bodies of invaders are negligible. Continue reading “The Dawn of Reconquest (Spain’s finest Hours): Covadonga”