St. Brendan: the Seafaring Monk

Today, May 16th, is the Feast of St. Brendan. This article is being written by a former US Navy sailor named Brendan, therefore, be prepared for a great deal of bias! In May of 2014 I had the great fortune of making a pilgrimage to Ardfert, Ireland (the site of one of Brendan’s great monasteries), and if you have not had the privilege to travel to County Kerry I highly recommend it. Here is a video of the sites in and around Ardfert (link). Continue reading “St. Brendan: the Seafaring Monk”

A Warrior Priest and the Irish Rebellion of ’98

There is no doubt some of the greatest folk music comes to us from the Emerald Isle, and one of my absolute favorite ballads is Boolavogue sung by Anthony Kearns (click here). This song tells how a local country priest started a rebellion in 1798 that shook England to its core, and it is a perfect story for St. Patrick’s Day. Continue reading “A Warrior Priest and the Irish Rebellion of ’98”