Mary’s Dowry with Mgr John Armitage

This is Part II of our interview with Mgr John Armitage where he speaks about England as Mary’s Dowry. As Rector of the National Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham and leader of the movement to rededicate England as Mary’s Dowry Mgr Armitage is a true authority on the subject.

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Is the Blessed Mother Relevant? (Mgr John Armitage Answers)


This is part of an interview with Mgr John Armitage, the Rector of the National Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham in Walsingham, UK. He was incredibly kind to sit down with our Catholic Initiative Team and discuss the importance of Our Lady in the world today and explain the significance of pilgrimage. We will be releasing additional parts of this interview as the weeks progress ending with a full length documentary on Our Lady of Walsingham this fall. We hope you enjoy!

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St Wulfstan: England’s Civil Rights Hero

In the United States today there is great interest in the issues surrounding justice, as well there should be: our nation has a tragic history with regards to human rights. It took 200 years, one of our greatest presidents and the bloodiest war in American history to finally bring the institution of slavery to an end, and another century to rid ourselves of the racial bigotry developed by the institution of slavery.

In 11th century England there was a similar institution of slavery but it was brought down in a very different way: by one courageous man with a heart for God. St. Wulfstan is one of those remarkable characters in history who should be remembered not only for his deep holiness but for the dramatic effect he had on the world around him. No saint in the history of the Church was and is more dedicated to human rights than St. Wulfstan, and while his fight took place almost a thousand years ago there is no doubt he plays an intercessory role whenever and wherever man’s rights are threatened. Continue reading “St Wulfstan: England’s Civil Rights Hero”

Introduction to Catholic England (Mary’s Dowry)


Since the 11th century England has been referred to as Mary’s Dowry. This beautiful title had been forefront in the hearts of Englishmen up until the Reformation. Today the National Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham is diligently trying to restore that title to this great land. As we begin to explore the history of England we begin here with Our Lady and her appearance in Walsingham!

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William and Mary and the “Glorious” Revolution



One of the most illustrious colleges in the United State is the College of William and Mary, however, it is named after two of the most anti-Catholic monarchs in English history. With the creation of the “priest hunter” occupation, no other reign was more terrorizing to the Church in the English world. This video gives an abbreviated history of how William and Mary came to power and why they sent the Church deep underground.


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The College of William and Mary: Founded by Pirates

The College of William and Mary is one of the most prestigious secondary educational institutions in the United States of America. It also happens to be one of the oldest colleges, dating back to 1693. With its beautiful Wren Building and original portraits of the English monarchy it still exemplifies the regal status it once held when Virginia was the wealthiest colony in English America.

When you tour the original classrooms and high ceiling chapel you get a feel for the days when Thomas Jefferson walked these halls and James Madison lived in the President’s house with his uncle, however, what you may not know is the story of the College’s first donors and how their actions made the school possible. Continue reading “The College of William and Mary: Founded by Pirates”

Colonial Williamsburg’s Spanish Martyrs


Welcome to the first Exploring Christendom video, which begins our Virginia Series where we discover how Christendom’s history and culture played an important role in the the story of Virginia.

In September of 1570 a group of Spanish Jesuits landed on the banks of the James River. Their mission was the conversion of the local native population, however, after a shocking betrayal, the priests became some of the early martyrs in the New World. If you are planning a visit to Colonial Williamsburg this summer be sure to visit the National Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham, the traditional site of the Spanish martyrs.

St. Brendan: the Seafaring Monk

Today, May 16th, is the Feast of St. Brendan. This article is being written by a former US Navy sailor named Brendan, therefore, be prepared for a great deal of bias! In May of 2014 I had the great fortune of making a pilgrimage to Ardfert, Ireland (the site of one of Brendan’s great monasteries), and if you have not had the privilege to travel to County Kerry I highly recommend it. Here is a video of the sites in and around Ardfert (link). Continue reading “St. Brendan: the Seafaring Monk”

The Leonine Walls- Make St. Peter Safe Again

Recen800px-Borgo_-_Passetto_00438tly in the media there has been a great deal of talk about the Leonine Walls due to what some see as the hypocrisy on the part of the papacy, and I definitely do not want to cast judgments on either the President of the United States or the Vicar of Christ because frankly both are way above my pay-grade. However, I do want to seize this opportunity to discuss a fascinating tale while there may still be some interest out there over the advent of the Leonine Walls. Continue reading “The Leonine Walls- Make St. Peter Safe Again”