Video: The Spanish Inquisition vs the Protestant (Part 2)


At the dawn of the 16th Century the Spanish Inquisition had existed for some time. However, after years of persecuting the Conversos the Inquisition underwent many reforms. These reforms allowed the Spanish Inquisition to guide the nation of Spain through the traumatic days of the Reformation.

The incredible difficulties that came out of the Protestant Reformation were mostly negated in Spain because the Inquisition enacted the Index of Prohibited Books and Authors. The Index helped Spain avoid the spilling of blood, both Catholic and Protestant, that the other nations in Europe experienced.

From our last video (link here) we saw the darker side of the Inquisition, however, in this video we get to see the life saving acts of the Spanish Inquisition. Hope you enjoy!

The Spanish Inquisition: The Converso (Part 1)

The Spanish Inquisition is one of the most misunderstood topics in Catholic history. Many people have heard of it and have a vague idea of what happened, however, there are many misconceptions about the Spanish Inquisition.

This video is part one on the Spanish Inquisition. It focuses on the nature of the Inquisition’s investigation into the group known as the “Conversos”. These were Catholic converts from Judaism, and there was quite a bit of hostility towards them from both the “old” Christians as well as the remaining Jews. Continue reading “The Spanish Inquisition: The Converso (Part 1)”